Roadsweeper Pro

Sidesweeper – Roadsweeper – Sweeperhead

Large sweeperhead with 3 combinations as accessory for Greenbuster Pro models.
A sidesweeper has the great advantage that it does not lift the material from the surface. That is, for example gravel, sand or snow will not be thrown in the air during operation..
When cleaning with sidesweeper the material is much easier to control.

100% Poly
Good for general cleaning leaves, dirt, gravel and the like.
For Greenbuster Pro 66 and Pro III  : Art no. 18042 + 18020

Mix Poly / steel
A good choice for general cleaning and basic weed control.
This combination is used in the video above.
For Greenbuster Pro 66 and Pro III  : Art no. 18042 + 18023

100% Steel
100% weed control. Use this combination if you would keep completely clean.
For Greenbuster Pro III  : Art no. 18042 + 18024
This combination is not to be used on Greenbuster Pro 66.

When storing the machine, do not rest on the sweeper head, this will damage it.
Delivered unassembled. Can be shown with accessories.